Friday, June 14, 2013

Picture Highlights - Part 1

We are HOME!  We got home last night around 2am. MAN were we tired!  We actually started getting too tired to drive and wanted to stop for the night but all the hotels were sold out! I mean at every stop - we called ....and no rooms!  I have no idea why on a random Thursday, hotels RIGHT on the interstate with no views and no beautiful scenery were ALL sold out - but they were!  We had to keep on driving! We made it though and are so happy to be back home at Yesteryear Acres.  The puppies all grew so much!!!  We missed everyone and all the doggies. I think the best moment might have been crawling into our own beds! There is no place like home! We have so many awesome pictures from our trip.......Here are some highlights (look for part 2 tomorrow!  There are too many to post in one blog!)
Who doesn't like to feed camels in the rain?  We stopped at a small zoo in the most torrential downpour. We can't go a whole week without animal time!

This is as close as we got to The Natural Bridge.  The entire pathway was flooded and closed to everyone. The park officer was nice enough to let us walk this far to get a glimpse of the bridge. George Washington carved his initials under the bridge. We settled for imagining what that would look like.  

VMI - A film crew was filming the movie "Field of Lost Shoes" while we were there.  Maybe there will be a Navy and Gold striped polo somewhere in the scene!

Look at the most scenic view point of the Shenandoah Valley! You can see for ......inches!

We got very used to our "scenic" the back of our car! Ahhhh the sweet sound of rain pouring down!

We have an entire collection of pictures like this from every stop.  We are soaked all the way through.  We are the rain makers!

As we were leaving Shenandoah National Park...the rain stopped!  We could not BELIEVE what it really looked like!

Taking advantage of the break in the rain and walking the Appalachian Trail.

We saw several deer friends on our walk!

We climbed the entire mountain!

NEW YORK CITY!  This is as close as we got to the Big Apple.  We did get a looooooooong look at it though.  Who knew the George Washington Bridge would take an hour to car!!!

Submarine Museum - Standing on top of the USS Nautilus.

We are actually dry in this picture!  On the coal fired Steamboat ride!

Coast Guard Academy!

Norwich University!

And last but certainly not least sister and I at the top of the "flagpole mountain climb".  We are wet - but happy!
Tomorrow...Part 2.  I know you can't wait!  

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