Sunday, June 9, 2013


When my son and I woke up this morning, we couldn't believe our eyes......WE SAW THE SUN!  We haven't seen the sun since we left Ohio!  We were so glad we made the long drive to Connecticut last night.  It was a very smart move.  The rain is definitely coming back as the next week has RAIN RAIN and more RAIN forecasted for every single day but for today....SUN!  We went outside into the beautiful sunshine as soon as we could.  It felt great to finally dry out!  We have been a wet soggy mess!  The back of our car proves it.  We have piles of wet clothes and newspapers shoved into our shoes so that maybe just maybe they MIGHT dry out.  First on our list today was the Submarine Museum in Groton.  We drove right by the US Submarine Base where many of my daughter's friends are stationed.  It was nice to see where they all live.  The museum was great and very informative.  We toured the USS Nautilus and spent time at all the exhibits. After the museum we spent the rest of the day at the "Museum of America and the Sea".  We honestly didn't expect much when we walked through the gates but we were so wrong! It was awesome!  I now have new respect for all the old time mariners.  Just to make the ropes for the ships was quite the job!  We visited the shipsmith, sail maker, cordage, cooperage and lumberyard/sawmill.  We also got to see an 1841 Whaling ship being restored.  We ended the day with a trip on the last of the coal-fired steamboats.  I have to say our SUNday was a GREAT day! Tomorrow we are off to the Coast Guard Academy!  Can't wait!

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