Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Blog of the Missing Photos!

Here are some of the missing photos from yesterday's hay festivities! Enjoy!!

 Bag Girl! My brother said it's a better superhero than bat girl. Look at me hold that hay bale steady! I think it was the beautiful magic cape I made... gave me super muscles

The always classic picture of someone taking a picture

A perfect 10 action shot... just look at how well he is lined up with that hay bale

My brother having a Ralphie moment from A Christmas Story "Wow that's great"

Will you just look at that! Amelia did you get that one?? 

Back to business... He's a hardworking man

and the sun was starting to disappear behind the trees

Don't worry Dad he wasn't going that fast.... 

Demonstrating his maneuverability skills. 

Trying to strike a quick pose! Got caught working on my farmers tan! 

My plant creations that survived the evening. A weed bouquet, a clover crown, a four leaf clover, and also some cool rocks I found.

The beautiful finished project! All 32.5 bales of hay lined up! See Dad we really did work! 

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