Monday, June 10, 2013

Surprise!!! Puppy Picture Monday!

Greetings from Yesteryear Acres! I know you are thinking "how can this be so?! You are on the East Coast visiting colleges with your son!!" Surprise!! This is Mrs. Yesteryear Acres' younger daughter filling in as the guest blogger today to bring you all Monday puppy happiness! Since I just adore our sweet puppies and look forward to puppy picture Monday's when I am away at school, I decided no one should go without it! Short story short here I am with your puppy happiness!
Sweet Pea's puppies loved the break in the rain to romp around in the sun

Ahhh laying out to soak up some sun

Don't worry Mr. Yesteryear Acres! I'll Fetch it!!!

Not if I get there first!!!

I think I will just wait here until the toy comes back...

Uhh Mr. Yesteryear Acres?! Can you throw the toy again please?

Shhhh...Don't tell! I'm going to pounce on my sister!! I just love to play!

Blossom's babies stayed all snugly warm  

We like to cuddle all day!

And Juneau's babies love snuggling too!

Now that's what I call a dog pile! Happy puppy Monday! 

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