Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The College Adventures Continue

Our college road trip adventures continue to be awesome! My son and I visited the United States Coast Guard Academy yesterday.  We both loved it.  The admission office did an excellent job of providing all the important college information and the campus is just beautiful.  We were there for hours and definitely gave it high marks. It is a fantastic institution.  Of course it RAINED our entire time there and yes.....it is still raining.  We are both thinking that perhaps we are the rain makers. Everywhere we go.....RAIN, RAIN and more RAIN!  Last night we made it to my sister's house in Vermont and she also believes that we brought the rain.  Thankfully she let us use her washer and dryer and we were finally able to get clean DRY clothes! Yea!  Dry pants feel WONDERFUL!!!!! This morning we left early and toured Norwich University.  They had a lovely day scheduled for us and we were there for over 6 hours.  Norwich is the birthplace of ROTC and it is well steeped in military traditions.  The scenery isn't too bad either.  Who doesn't love endless mountains???!!!  Tonight we are being treated to a traditional full Irish Dinner prepared by my dear brother-in-law. We are SO hungry and ready for the big treat! We leave first thing tomorrow morning so we are going to make the most of it tonight.  Bring on the dinner!

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