Friday, September 27, 2013


I know so many people that are SO excited each and every Friday.  I get emails from family and friends extolling the virtues of a Happy Friday.  "It's FRIDAY! YAY!  It's the WEEKEND!!!!"  While I am so happy for their love of Friday, for me - Friday is exactly the same as Tuesday which is exactly the same as Saturday which is exactly the same as Wednesday which is exactly the same as Sunday.  There is no FRIDAY dance at Yesteryear Acres.  Every single day is pretty much the same.  Wake up. Clean up doodle doggie puppy poop. Let dogs out.  Let dogs in.  Clean up doodle doggie puppy poop.  Repeat. It doesn't matter whether it is Christmas morning or someone's birthday or a random Thursday.  Poop happens here every day!  Poop clean up and puppy time and more poop clean up will always be on the daily schedule.  When my daughter called me today after her last class of the day, I have to admit, I was a bit jealous.  Done already? Nothing until MONDAY? Mr. Yesteryear Acres said he could only dream of a day where he would be finished working by mid-afternoon.  Actually what he said was something along the lines of if he were done working in the middle of the day, he would be resting in a coffin.  Gosh he is a romantic isn't he? In any case, we love FRIDAYS as much as all the other days.  We are lucky that way.  Every day is a good day when you are surrounded by adorable puppies.  Happy FRIDAY everyone and have an awesome weekend!  I know we will!

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