Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Full Steam Ahead

I am back on track today.  Woke up and got busy right away.  First on the list was APPLES!  I picked four bushels of apples this morning.  They are delicious!  Now I have to think of all the things I can make with my bountiful harvest.  I am thinking first up will be caramel apples. Mmmmmmm.  Who doesn't love caramel apples?!  I also have to get busy making apple rings.  They last all winter long and are so good for snacks.  The only problem is that it takes a ton of apples and then once they are dehydrated - it looks like I didn't do any work at all.  Worse than that is that my kids can eat them SO fast!  I am always saying, "do you realize you just ate a PECK of apples?!" They literally vanish before my eyes. This afternoon when I was finished with my apple picking adventure, I started puppy spa day. Olive's puppies all got their first bath.  They did really well too!  The big caramel boy LOVED his bath.  He wanted to swim AND drink the water at the same time.  He is definitely his mama's boy! Olive would swim all day long if we let her.  Tonight we have company for dinner so I have to get busy getting dinner on the stove.  No worries though.  I am NOT putting Salsa on my pork chops!  Just freshly picked apples. I think I can handle that!  Full steam ahead!

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