Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Too Hot.....Too Cold

Why hello Summer!  I didn't realize you would be visiting us so late this year.  Oh how I missed your 90+* sweltering heat.  Oh how I missed the oppressive overwhelming heat that sucks the breath right out of you.  So nice of you to come and stay this week......NOT!  YUCK!  It is so hot outside.  Like middle of July hot.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres is one complete wet sweaty yucky mess.  He is literally dripping as he walks.  Of course that means I am trying my best to keep him out of the house. I don't want that yuckiness near me!  Meanwhile, inside our house, it is ridiculously cold!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres has the air conditioning set on FULL ARCTIC BLAST.  I am walking around with a sweatshirt on! Today the doggies keep wanting to go outside and I couldn't figure out why they needed out SO many times.  I finally took a peek outside, and there they were.  All spread out on the brick sidewalks taking a sunbath.  They didn't even want to come back in!  They were soaking in all the sunshine they could.  I told Mr. Yesteryear Acres how COLD it was inside and for some reason, he didn't believe me.  Whenever he walks into the house, he sighs a big sigh of relief. "OH MY GOSH! IT FEELS SO GOOD IN HERE!"  He then questions my attire.  "How can you be wearing a SWEATSHIRT?!?"  Too Hot.  Too Cold.  I think we need to have Mother Nature change things to JUST RIGHT!

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