Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Prescription RX Delivery

Right before lunchtime today the FED EX man pulled into our driveway.  Package!?!  Special Prescription Medication Delivery! My mom sent a crucial medication package for Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  His poor eye still looks like he was in a battle with a wrench......and the wrench won.  His eye is big and black and swollen and rather yucky looking.  Every now and then I hear Mr. Yesteryear Acres yell, "ARGH!"  Except that instead of "Argh" he yells something laced with slightly more adult language.  I calmly reply, "did you forget and rub your eye again?"  Yep.  So when his prescription eye medicine was delivered today - Mr. Yesteryear Acres was totally excited.  Once he opened the package, he was convinced of the healing powers within.  What was the magical prescription eye medicine? Bear Claws.  Yes. Bear Claws.  Cashew Nuts topped with lots of caramel dipped in milk chocolate. 100% guaranteed to fix any eye issue. My mom knows Mr. Yesteryear Acres so well.  She also knows me so well as she also sent Sea Salt Caramel Fudge.  I mean the caretaker of the "Wrench-in-the-eye" man needs relief too!  When my son arrived home from school and saw the remnants of the bear claws, he immediately starting coughing. He said he thinks he is coming down with something HORRIBLE.  He said even his eye hurts. Prescription Medicine needed pronto!  With our injury rate around here - we might need weekly deliveries!

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