Saturday, September 28, 2013

Not a Speck of Dust

Clean the House Thursday kind of spilled over to Clean the House Friday which spilled over to Clean the House Saturday. At this exact clean.  The bath tubs do not have doodle doggie prints on them.  My floors are vacuumed.  The ceiling fans are all dusted. The beds have fresh clean sheets on them. The bathrooms are sparkly. Every single doggie dish, doggie bucket, puppy food dish....all clean.  The puppy area is vacuumed and clean with fresh bedding and new toys.  The doggie area is clean with floors mopped and doggie beds clean.  The sink is empty.  The dishwasher is empty. The clothes washer is empty and the dryer is empty.  There is no dirty laundry to wash. My house for the next 10 seconds is clean.  Yep. 10 seconds.  That is the approximate time before.....
The Doggies bring in mud and grass
Mr. Yesteryear Acres drops his dirty clothes on the floor
My son piles dishes in the sink
The puppies destroy a new toy and leave the stuffing in its wake
The doggie dishes are dirty
I get to start all over again.  But for now at exactly 5:57:00.  My house is clean.  Hey comes Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  Well it was lovely while it lasted!

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