Monday, September 30, 2013

Bunny Doodle

Well we have had some Kitten doodles, Doggie Doodles, Puppy doodles, Stinker Doodles and Deer doodles so why not ..........Bunny Doodles!
Yes we have our very own Bunny Doodles!

It takes some practice to get the Bunny Doodle look down perfectly

The key is to get a good running start

"Come on guys! It's easy! Follow me!"

"We can make our very own Bunny Doodle Parade!"

"My ears won't stay up! Maybe I am a Teddy Bear Doodle!"

"Hey! That looks like fun! We can't wait until we are old enough to try!"

"But right now....the tree leaves are bigger than we are"


"But it won't be long before I will grow up to be a Bunny Doodle too!"
Happy Monday!

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