Sunday, September 29, 2013

Coffee Day

Evidently today is National Coffee Day.  I had no idea.  A whole day devoted to the love of coffee! I am not sure why we need a National Coffee day because honestly - who isn't grateful for coffee EVERY day.  I am thinking that coffee does not need a holiday to be appreciated.  I know every morning when I wake up and stumble into the kitchen, all I can think is....."COFFEE"!  As the first sip hits my lips, a smile of appreciation envelops me.  I never think, "coffee again?".  No, that heavenly java is appreciated by me every day.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres has my delicious cup of coffee waiting for me every morning and every morning I thank him for my morning cup of happiness.  I think to fully celebrate this National Coffee Day I will make homemade coffee ice cream tonight.  Mmmmm.  Coffee ice cream is so delicious!  I might add some toffee pieces to make it even more delectable.  Coffee in the morning.  Coffee in the afternoon. Coffee Ice cream tonight.  Yes.  I have celebrated National Coffee day with all the magnificent grandeur it deserves.  Coffee.  I thank you.

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