Monday, September 16, 2013

Is it Naptime yet?

Happy Monday!  Today has been one of those days where I had one constant nagging thought ......I want a nap! I am super super tired today. I had another really early morning today and I think tonight I am going to have to catch up on my sleep.  Going to bed after midnight and getting up before 6am is just wearing me out.  Tomorrow - I am going to pull the covers over my head until the sun is up! The puppies look like they would all like to join me in naptime....
Lady's Double Doodle puppies are too sweet

Their little eyes are just starting to open

We have beautiful cream caramels, caramels and red caramel colored puppies in Lady's litter.

I love her little Snuggle Bears

McGyver's Goldendoodle Babies are doing great too!

Their eyes have opened and they are getting their first views of our big world

BUT......naptime is still best for them too!
Happy Monday!

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