Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ready to go yet?

Every single night here at Yesteryear Acres you are likely to see Doodle Doggies enjoying their after dinner stroll.  It is one of their favorite things of the day and ours too!  If you ever want a constant companion of complete and total happiness and joy.....just ask a doodle doggie if they want to go for a ....
Truffles says, "Hey Austin... Ready to go yet?"

Yay!  Time for fun!

You have to be careful when you decide to tell one doodle doggie, "I love you"

Cause then you have to tell TWO doodle doggies that you love them

Barkley says, "You love me the MOST right????"

"Oh Barkley, I love you ALL the most!"

Happy Doodles

Happy humans too :)
Everybody loves doodle hugs!!!


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