Sunday, August 3, 2014

Airport Torture

This morning my daughter and I woke up at 5:40am and started our day with a 40 minute very brisk walk.  We followed this by a 75 minute Serious Cycling class and then took a Core Conditioning class.  To say we were TIRED by the end of our morning workout would be an understatement.  We tried to soak up every last second before we all headed to the airport to come home.  Our first leg of the trip was easy and now we are in Dallas with a 2.5 hour layover.  Do you know how many fast food restaurants and shoppes are in the Dallas airport?  I would estimate one thousand!  I mean the second I got off the plane, I practically walked into an Auntie Annie's pretzel stand with fresh warm baked pretzels.  I quickly ran away from that only to find a Dunkin Donuts and then a chips and salsa place and then an ice cream shoppe.  OH NO!  Such torture!  I have eaten nothing but extremely healthy small portions of food all week long.  I have had Kale.  I have had beets. I have had quinoa, wheat berries, lima beans, salsify, jicama and any other healthy food you can think of but what I have NOT had are ....donuts, chips, salsa, ice cream or any other deliciously horribly bad for you food!  Why does it have to smell sooooo good?  I am sitting at my gate right now and what is across from me?  A CANDY STORE!  I can see Jelly Bellies in the window!  I hope I make it home with my resolve intact. 2 hours 25 minutes to go..........

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