Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Every day the car

One of my least favorite activities is running errands.  I don't particularly like to drive and I don't particularly like leaving home.  I try to compile all my errands into one day so I can just get it all over with rather than stretch out the agony over multiple days.  The only thing that made errand running halfway pleasant was my sweet beloved SUV.  Of course now that my poor beloved SUV is in the body shop for the next month.....I have ONE MILLION errands to run.  How did this happen?  Normally I am home most of the time but for some reason, this entire week I have to go somewhere every single day and part of next week too.  Good thing I have my mom's car or else I don't know how I would get it all done.  I wonder if my SUV felt under-appreciated?  Maybe I didn't tell it enough how much I truly love it.  Dear SUV - you are the only vehicle I have ever loved.....please get better soon.  I miss you so much!

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