Monday, August 18, 2014

Puppy Watch

Our pregnant mommy doggies forgot to look at the calendar this morning.  Didn't they notice it is "Puppy Picture Monday"???  How can I put up cute adorable doodle puppy pictures without newborn doodle babies?  I asked them if they could take care of this dilemma and I believe I will have "Puppy Picture Day" later this week!  Stay tuned for adorableness!!!  And a big thank you to everyone who sent their thoughts for my son and his girlfriend Bri.  I spent most of the day taking care of the insurance issues and getting the SUV to the collision center.  Bad news - the SUV is REALLY damaged.  The entire side is buckled all the way up to the roof. The sunroof is even out.  The rear lift door is destroyed along with the entire back end.  Over 2/3rds of the SUV needs completely replaced including the air conditioning system.  We will be without my beloved treasured most valuable SUV for a MONTH or longer.  And no - we do not have the rental car rider on our insurance so no rental car. I was just about the point of "WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?" when my mom called.  She said I could use her car for the entire month!!!!!!!!  Is that a hero or what?! So even though I won't have my big gigantic SUV - I will have a car so at least we can make multiple trips to get what we need.  I am so grateful my son wasn't hurt. I am so grateful Bri wasn't hurt. I am so grateful the puppies were not hurt.  I am so grateful that the only thing "hurt" was an inanimate object that eventually will be repaired. I am so grateful my mom offered her car to me. I am so grateful to have the car already!!!!  The next month will be tricky - but not impossible.  First to get all of Bri's things to college.  I am supposed to move her on Thursday.  Could be a two trip event...but I will get it done!


  1. I am so excited to see the pups of Waffles and Birdie!! I have been waiting for a cream/caramel Goldendoodle for 6 months.
    These two dogs are beautiful and the puppies are going to be breathtaking! Can't wait


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