Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Tomorrow is Thursday which means the following day is Friday which means it is then going to be the weekend which younger daughter goes back to college! NO!!!!  It can't be the end of summer already!  I cannot believe she is already leaving. I am going to miss her so much!!!!!  She is the biggest help around the house and she does so much work with our doodle doggies and puppies.  I will be missing my biggest helper. I will be missing my constant companion. I will be missing her endless smiles and thoughtfulness and laughing together until I have tears in my eyes. I won't even have my workout buddy any more.  Sigh.  It will be really really sad.  Tomorrow we start packing up alllllll her things.  Everything will go in boxes and more boxes and soon her room will be empty again. Hey - denial has worked so far....maybe I will just postpone helping her pack just one more day. I mean does she really have to go back???? Nah!

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