Monday, August 25, 2014

In The Woods!

Hi everyone! This is Amelia all the way from college!!! I am here to tell you all that my mom is in the woods.... and when I say in the woods I mean sooooo in the woods that she has no internet or cell signal! My mom will update the website and post puppy pictures as soon as she is able! She is really sorry for the inconvenience she may have caused anyone. She is so far in the woods that I have to write this blog for her!!
My mom, aunt, uncle, and cousins are all staying in a cabin in the state park about 25 minutes away from my university, and man did they have an adventure today! I got to hear all about their trek through a spiderweb infested trail of thorns! Apparently there were so many spiders that my mom had to be the fearless leader through the small and winding trails. She had to use a stick and swing it  in front of her to twist up all the spiderwebs. There were so many that by the end she had what looked like a grey blob of cotton candy on a stick. All I can say is I am SO VERY LUCKY to have had classes all this morning and afternoon :) As soon as I got to the cabin I got to hear about the terrors that lurk inside the state park and crawl on you like you are invading their space or something... I heard there were so many bugs and spiders that they were crawling in their ears and in their mouths! My aunt choked on a bug, which means the bug was big enough to semi-block her windpipe! My cousin was telling me that there were so many thorns on the trail you could barely escape by them. One bush was so gnarly that when he tried to go around it, the thorns caught on his neck and wouldn't come off!!.... Again... I am so very glad that today was my very last first day of school! No bugs for me!! Just assignments! HA HA HA :) I also got the other end of the happy stick and got to take ALL the food when I left the cabin this evening!!! My family all leaves tomorrow to go back to their homes where they can enjoy their home cooked meals and comfy beds... (cue puppy eyes)... YES! IT WORKED! THE BREAKFAST HASH AND JUICE ARE MINE!!! :) Thanks everyone for coming down to see me! Even if that meant getting swarmed by spiders and me taking all the food!! I love you all and can't wait until we are all together again!!! Enjoy a night deep in the sticks!!!

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