Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bad day for the Puppy Mobile

My son and Bri left early this morning to do a puppy mobile trip. We had families eagerly awaiting in Maryland for their furry new family members to arrive.  The puppy mobile made it safe and sound to Maryland and all the doodle puppies are now happily at home with their new families.  The drive back was not so great. About 2 hours from home, my son was hit by another truck. Both my son and Bri are not hurt but our SUV is in bad shape. It wouldn't start again and was stuck out in the lane of traffic.  Luckily a sheriff was nearby and kept everyone safe. Roadside assistance arrived pretty quickly and thankfully they were able to get the SUV started again. The back end is pretty bad - thank goodness all the puppies were already delivered!!!! Despite the obvious damage, both the sheriff and the Roadside Assistance guy thought my son would make it back home so he is now on the way. 2 hours to go...... I am counting the  minutes until he arrives safely home.

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