Saturday, August 2, 2014

Math Error

I am so excited!!!!  I was talking to my exercise physiologist about my large decline in muscle mass and she immediately said there was no way that number could be correct.  She is the most awesome physiologist who prescribed my strength training program when I was first diagnosed with low muscle mass. She has kept in touch with me and she knows that I have been faithfully adhering to her program.  She scheduled an appointment to see me today and redid my testing.  What do you know?  I lost .5 pounds of muscle mass NOT 5 pounds!!!! All that hard work was not wasted!  Of course I still lost some muscle mass so I definitely need to increase the pounds on my weights but a 1/2 lb loss is sooooo much easier to gain back rather than the 5lbs from the other diagnosis!  Whew!! I have a new exercise strength program to follow using heavy weights with low repetitions and I need to increase my protein intake but other than that - I am good to go!!!!!  I have never been so happy for a math error in my life! Today was a happy health day!!!!!

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