Friday, August 8, 2014

Hey! Hay! Hey!

We have tried numerous times to get our hay cut and baled but every single time, Mother Nature has had the last word.  We need 3 straight days of absolutely no rain in order to get the hay done.  You know the expression, "make hay while the sun shines"? It comes from needing nice days to make hay. It takes one day to cut the hay. Another day or so to rake the hay and dry it out.  Then you have to put the hay in rows, and then finally start baling. We ALMOST got our hay done a few times earlier this summer but then - the rain came.  And if wasn't the rain, it was that the ground was so soaking wet that the hay would literally drown in water instead of drying out.  It has been really frustrating.  We usually have the hay done by the 4th of July at the latest.  Sometimes we get the hay done in early June.  We have never ever ever had to wait until August to get our first cutting of hay in.  Well, cross your fingers.  The hay has been cut.  The hay has been raked.  The hay has been dried. The hay is in neat rows ready for baling.  The rain is coming tonight and it is almost 6:00pm and we are just getting ready to start baling.  With any luck - we will have the hay in by midnight tonight. Hey! Hay! Hey! SO MUCH FUN!

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