Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Back Home Happiness

I arrived back home this morning at 2:00am and happily crawled into my own comfy bed in my own comfy house surrounded by very content and happy doodle doggies and puppies. It is good to be home.  Even with a TON of stuff to do today and soooo much work piled up for the rest of this week - there is no place like home.  I missed Yesteryear Acres and am glad to be back! The puppies are glad too.  I am so lucky to come home to these sweet adorable faces....
Juneau's puppies are sooooo much bigger!

This puppy is my son's favorite.  He has asked me 1,000 times today if he can keep him. Every time I say no.....he asks again.  That son of mine is persistent! 

Look at Juneau's puppies play! They love it outside!

Maple's puppies love the outdoors too

They are almost ready for their new homes!

"Can you believe we will meet our new families soon!?"

"Oh Boy! I bet they are going to be great!"

"We are practicing cuddle time!"

"And getting our bellies rubbed"

"We can almost climb one whole step!"


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