Sunday, August 10, 2014

I miss her already

We left Yesteryear Acres early this morning with all my daughter's belongings packed and ready to go. My daughter said a tear-filled goodbye to her doggies and an even more tear-filled goodbye to her Daddy and we were off.  My son and his girlfriend Bri drove our SUV while I rode with my daughter in her car. As soon as we arrived at her dorm building, we had a nice picnic lunch and then the unpacking began.  Having 2 more people to help move in all the stuff was awesome.  We had the cars unloaded in record time.  My son arranged her furniture and started putting together the computer/printer/electronic gadgets, Bri started hanging all the dresses and I started putting clothes in the dressers.  It wasn't long before we had everything squared away. My daughter had a work meeting to go to and so it was time to say our own tear-filled goodbyes. Good luck my sweet daughter.  Your dorm room looks great!  Happy Senior Year.  I miss you already.

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