Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy November First!

Each First of November marks the beginning of our month of thankfulness here at Yesteryear Acres. Today I am thankful that I never had to choose to be a dog person or a cat person. I was so lucky to grow up in a place like Yesteryear Acres!! I just love animals so much. Dogs are happy little wagging balls of fluff that like to follow you around and assist you with everything. I love them so much!! I am always so thankful for the doodle doggies when I am feeling sad. They always bring comfort and seem to know what is going on. They also cheer me up when they bring all their favorite sticks and toys and lick my face. Doodle doggies are good at that. They are excellent snack sharers and dishwashers (much to my Mom's dismay) too. I am so thankful for dogs. Cats are crazy little loafs of fuzz. I love how they find everything so fascinating and mesmerizing. I am thankful that they love to sit on me while I sleep and keep me warm at night. I love it when they love you so much they are purring like a jet engine and mine even start to drool a little bit. I am thankful that I have many amazing experiences with dogs and cats and that everyday I feel thankful to have them in my lives. Everyday I am thankful for the smiles and laughs that pour out of me from my doodle and kitty friends!
I am thankful for big kisses - even when trying to take a picture
I am thankful when I look down from my morning coffee and see a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed friend 
I am thankful for warm cuddles when watching a movie
I am thankful for summer walks with loved ones
I am thankful for nights when my lap looks like this after a long day of work
I am thankful for them all!

Happy November First!!

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