Monday, November 21, 2016

Thankfulness Day 21 - Awwwww

I have been told many times that I have the very best job in all the world.  I have to agree!  What could be better than spending each day with sweet lovable doggies and puppies?!  Every day is filled with, "awwwwwww".  There is simply nothing more heartwarming and soul nourishing. I am thankful.
Grits Double Doodle Puppies

A lapful of "awwwwww"

4 Boys

and 7 Girls

to snuggle

and love

They bring us endless smiles

and tail wags

and kisses

Every day is filled

with sweet happiness

and appreciation.

Thank you Grits

You have beautiful puppies!

See you

next week!

Happy Monday!!!!

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