Monday, November 7, 2016

Thankfulness Day 7 - Beautiful November Day

Truffles puppies are so much fun to play with.  They love going outside and chasing leaves is just about the best game ever.  They are a super loving fun bunch that keep us smiling all day long. We still have 2 puppies available from Truffles litter and they will be ready for their new homes the weekend before Thanksgiving.
Alright little puppies....time to play!

Let's go!

There is so much to do

Like getting hugs and giving kisses

and playing follow the leader

and freeze tag

"I am really good at this game"

We are exploring a mountain!

I love the outdoors

A lovely walk in the warm sunshine

Puppy wrestling

Hey look, our paws are nice and dry! 

I like watching the leaves fall 
We like the way the grass tickles our feet 
Ready set...... 
Chase time! 
Hey did you see that big leaf? 
Got it! 
I lost my leaf 
I found a red one 
Let's make a leaf pile 
I am going to find the perfect leaf for our collection
So thankful to be able to spend such a beautiful November day
playing with cute adorable doodle puppies!
Happy Monday!

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