Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thankfulness Day 17 - Morning Happiness

It is no secret that I am not a morning person.  I am a certified night owl.  If I didn't have an alarm clock, I probably would just sleep and sleep and sleep all morning long.  Alas, there is always work to be done so the alarm is always set and mornings always happen.  Thankfully, my mornings are full of happiness.  As soon as I open my eyes,  I have tail wags of happiness.  Once I am done taking a few minutes to snuggle with my doggies and kitties, I head down the stairs where more tail wagging is happening.  The Doodle Puppies are always happy to see me. I get armfuls of puppy hugs and puppy kisses.  The morning happiness doesn't end there.  Mommy Dogs get treated to breakfast in bed.  They always get a special meal in the morning and their enthusiastic gratitude always makes me smile. When the morning chores are done, I get to sit and sip my perfect cup of coffee made just for me by Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  I am thankful for my morning happiness.  Mornings don't come much better than Yesteryear Acres mornings.

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