Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Thankfulness Day 15 - Yard work Helpers

I am fairly certain that Mr. Yesteryear Acres is very very very thankful for his yard work helpers.  They are always so willing to jump in and make sure the job is done right.  Where else can you find help like this?
What are we going to do now Mr. Yesteryear Acres?
Are we going to RAKE THE LEAVES?! 
OH BOY!  This will be fun! 
Got one! 
I will go put it in the pile! 
Me too! 
Is this helpful? 
How about if I stand on your foot? 
What if we run through your leaves? 
Look at this big pile! 
Let's spread this leaf pile all over the yard again! 
This pile is all mine 

Leaf Jumping! 
Scattering leaves is so much fun! 
What do you mean you need to rake again? 
You don't need a rake.  We will get the leaves for you 
We are the best helpers  
Mr. Yesteryear Acres won't find his rake now 
Ha ha ha! 
Hey what do you mean by that is not helpful?
You don't like our puppy barricade? 
Time to get serious guys! 

Here you go Mr. Yesteryear Acres 
We are great yard work helpers!!!!!
Aren't you so thankful?!

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