Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thankfulness Day 26 - The Bakers and The Pasta Makers

It is no secret that we LOVE home cooked food here at Yesteryear Acres. We try to make most things from scratch and we really appreciate good food. A leisurely delicious home-cooked meal is essential to our days of happiness and thankfulness. Today my 2 daughters took a class on making homemade croissants.
The perfect croissant dough 
Looks like expert level to me! 
Ready for the oven 
Would you like some croissants?

2 of my favorite chefs 
They made chocolate ones too! 
Mmmmmmm! SO GOOD! 
Back at Yesteryear Acres Bri held her own cooking class 
Our son's friend from Hawaii is staying with us all Thanksgiving Weekend and Bri showed him how to make homemade pasta. 
He mastered fettuccini! 
Pretty happy with his pasta making abilities 
"Thanks for the lesson Bri.  I am now a pasta maker!"
Many thanks to my bakers and pasta makers.....
 deliciousness made with love!!!!

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