Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Thankfulness Day Two: Coffee

Today I am thankful for Coffee. Maybe I should say "Today I am EXTRA thankful for Coffee" as I proceed to drink my third cup of the day.... For some reason last night my two cats, Hansel and Gretel, decided that they wanted to recreate a scene from the Aristocats. You know the one where all the cats are banging around and meowing like they are playing instruments and singing.... I mean that's the only thing I can think of that would explain their extra rambunctious behavior. They were running all over me, up and down the bed, under the bed, on top of my dresser, and even places you wouldn't think a cat would be able to walk on, and the whole time they were meowing and hissing at each other. It made the dogs even jump on and off the bed. I think they were trying to get those crazy cats to settle down! SO here I am savoring another steaming hot cup of goodness that makes me less zombie-like and more Amelia-like. And I caught myself thinking THANK GOODNESS FOR COFFEE! The doodles I think agree with me as well. I think they even noticed I needed an extra pick me up or two, that way I could get back to playing fetch with them! Don't worry doodles!! I can feel the coffee starting to work! Today we are all thankful for coffee!

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