Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thankfulness Day 23 - I found it!

For the past 2 weeks Mr. Yesteryear Acres has been looking for his trailer hitch.  He has spent hours looking for it. Was it in the garage? No.  Was it in the barn? No.  Car? No. Truck? No.  Every day he asks me if I have seen his trailer hitch and I always answer, "Of course not!" And then I ask him what a trailer hitch looks like.  He loves that part.  He has accused his son of losing it.  He has accused his daughter of moving it.  With every passing day and every false accusation, I respond that he and he alone has lost his trailer hitch.  He assures me daily that he has NOT lost it.  Someone took it or moved it or threw it out in the trash. Today the fun with the "where is my trailer hitch" began and I immediately told Mr. Yesteryear Acres that HE lost the trailer hitch. The trailer hitch saga would hereby be officially over.  After lunch today, I went out to go get a few eggplant from the basket of eggplant I picked 2 weeks ago. I thought it would be nice to have some roasted eggplant with dinner.  Imagine my horror when I picked a few eggplant out of the basket and there at the bottom of the basket was a bright shiny object. Ummmmmmmmmm it looked very much like a trailer hitch.  It looked very much like a trailer hitch in a basket that someone then put eggplant on top. It looked very much like a trailer hitch in a basket buried by eggplant picked by me.  It was at this point I had two choices in life.  Casually pick up the trailer hitch and place it somewhere obvious and then look shocked when Mr. Yesteryear Acres finds it or admit my part in the trailer hitch fiasco. As appealing as haphazardly leaving the trailer hitch in his pathway sounded, I opted for the direct approach.  "Mr. Yesteryear Acres!!!! I FOUND IT!!!!!!" Today I am glad that Mr. Yesteryear Acres was thankful for his beloved trailer hitch and I am thankful that he merely shook his head and laughed when I gave it to him.  Now I just wonder why Mr. Yesteryear Acres put his hitch at the bottom of my eggplant basket?!  Silly Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  You should know better than to hide your own hitch!

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