Saturday, November 19, 2016

Thankfulness Day 19 - Yesterday's Weather

We woke up to a freezing cold rain here at Yesteryear Acres. This was followed by snow squalls, frigid winds and biting cold temperatures. The Doodle Doggies all looked at me as if to say, "What Happened?!!!!"  I said, "I think we forgot to be thankful for yesterday's weather." Yesterday was a delightful warm 76* with a bright sun shiny sky.  It was completely lovely.  I did have moments yesterday when I stopped to appreciate the beauty of the day but it is quite obvious that I didn't pay enough homage to the rare warm November day.  Today, I was reminded just what November feels like.
The beginning of the drop in temperature 
Behind the scenes ... picture taking (with helpers)
"Let's just stay here.  It seems like the perfect place to hang out." 
Or maybe not! 
Let it Snow!

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