Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thankfulness Day 22 - The Battle

Oh the yearly battle between Mr. Yesteryear Acres and me is on.  Over the weekend, I walked into the kitchen to find Christmas music playing.  On November 19th.  Not December 19th.  NOVEMBER.  I politely informed Mr. Yesteryear Acres that the wonderful and lovely holiday called Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet so there was simply no way we could already be skipping ahead to Christmas. I walked over to the stereo and turned off the music.  Later, the Christmas music was magically turned back on.  I turned it off. On.  Off. On. Off. Repeat this scenario ad nauseam.  This morning I got a sweet little text from Mr. Yesteryear Acres that said my coffee was ready followed by Christmas trees, reindeer, and music note emoticons.  I walked down into the kitchen to find "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" playing quite loudly.  We have this music battle every year.  Sometimes Mr. Yesteryear Acres starts as early as Halloween! I am steadfast in my commitment to NOT have Christmas begin until after we celebrate Thanksgiving.  I love Thanksgiving.  It is an entire holiday devoted to giving thanks!  We can not just zoom ahead to "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas".  Mr. Yesteryear Acres knows this.  He silently laughs as he watches me turn off the music only to turn it right back on the moment I leave the room. So why did I choose this music battle for my Thankfulness Day 22 blog?  Because I am so very thankful I am married to Mr. Claus. Who doesn't want to spend the Christmas holiday season with someone so full of the holiday spirit, it simply can't be contained ......not even in November.

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