Sunday, November 6, 2016

Thankfulness Day 6 - The Comforts of Home

Today, as with every day, I am thankful for the comforts of home.  I am thankful for a big comfy bed to sleep in at night.  I am thankful for water that easily flows from every faucet in the house.  I am thankful for lights in each room that turn on with one flip of a switch. I am thankful for a refrigerator to keep my food cold and fresh. I am thankful for a heater to keep me warm. I am thankful for a pantry full of delicious staples and food to keep our tummies happy.  I am so thankful for the many things in our home that make our life so easy. When I think about how the simple act of getting a glass of water is compared to other parts of the world, I realize how blessed we all are to have so many comforts of home. Right now my older daughter's boyfriend is deployed overseas and I am sure he would love a big comfy bed, lights that turn on, a cold glass of water and a refrigerator full of food. I wish I could share those things with him right now. The comforts of home are gifts to be treasured. It is easy to forget to be thankful for them until they are missing. I am thankful for all the things that make my life so easy and comfortable.  Thankfulness.

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