Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thankfulness Day Three: Rain Gear

Today I am ever so thankful for rain gear. I woke up this morning to a dreary sticky grey Thursday. Let's just say I was NOT extremely motivated to go outside, I was more in the mood for a movie, a blanket, and maybe even a nap. And yet, work needed to be done. I pried myself from my movie fantasies and got ready for work. As I zipped up my raincoat and shoved my feet into my rubber boots, I took a minute to be thankful that I have these items to work in. That I have rain gear that will keep me relatively dry and protected as I work outside. I made note to myself how lucky I was (and not even in a sarcastic way at all) and headed outside into the rain. 

It's a bit blustery out!
I was even more thankful that about an hour later the rain had stopped!!

I made it out dry!!! WOHOOO!

Today I am thankful for my rain gear.... and a hint of sunshine among the dark clouds :)  

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