Monday, June 7, 2010

Airport Tales, Butterball Puppies and Girl Time!

My son and I left early this morning for the airport. My son entertained me all the way with his quick skills at naming that tune. I have got to hand it to the kid. He can nail a country song, title and artist in less than 5 seconds of listening to the intro. He doesn't even wait for the lyrics to start. He is fast and very accurate. He even got some oldies. We got him checked into his flight with no problem and the airline ticket counter person was nice enough to issue me a gate pass so I could keep my son company until boarding. Both my son and I got to do the full body scan at the security checkpoint. I had to remove all my jewelry, watch, hair clip - basically everything except my pants and shirt. Nice to know our airports are safe. At the gate my son and I watched people head to and from the gates and made up awesome stories as to where they were going, who they were meeting and what they did for a living. My son is really clever and makes up the most detailed stories. We had a blast. I said my good-byes as he boarded and headed back home. The drive home seemed ever so lonely as compared to the drive to the airport. I already miss him! Once I was home it was PUPPY TIME! The weather was finally nice today so Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I took all the puppies outside to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. The puppies got their nails trimmed and coats brushed and had fun romping around in the yard. It took two hours to get all the photos done today. Hannah's and Autumn's puppies all got the individual puppy picture treatment. I take about 20-25 pictures of every puppy and then pick out the best 2 pictures of each puppy and publish them to our site. Autumn's puppies are big butterballs! They are so nice and square with awesome coats. They look amazing. Autumn's puppies will start solid foods this week and will grow even more. I am pretty darn sure I am going to have to keep Autumn's cream girl with the lime green collar. She is just so adorable. She reminds me of a polar bear cub. I think she wants to stay here at Yesteryear Acres! She would make a lovely addition. I must seriously ponder this one.
Tonight Mr. Yesteryear Acres is working late in the garden. Now I know I should go out there and help him BUT my daughter is sitting right here and we both have that look on our faces. The look says ----oooooh no boys in the house.....we should go watch a girly show without interruptions!!!!! I think that side of my brain just might win! I think it might win and want popcorn! Sorry Mr. Yesteryear Acres!

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