Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No Nap for the Weary

At a very young age my mother instilled a great fear in me.... The fear of napping. My mom is adamantly opposed to napping. If she were ready to drop from sheer exhaustion and had NOTHING in the entire world left to do and it was a rainy stormy dreary day and all the electricity in the house was out and her eyelids were barely staying open - STILL she would not nap. There is never a good reason to nap and the most violent of the napping offenses would be to nap as a passenger in her car. That one is a particularly hard one to master as staying awake for hours after endless hours of driving on a turnpike with nothing to see out the windows - well that takes pure talent. I don't believe I have ever taken a nap while she is driving. It is simply one of those cardinal rules that cannot be broken. So today - what did I want to do more than anything? Yes, you guessed it - NAP. I woke up tired. I sleepily walked into the kitchen this morning and barely could keep my eyes open while I fed the puppies. I think even the puppies knew I was tired as they were particularly sweet and loving this morning. They all loved their yogurt parfait breakfast and were very kind about thanking me. I then stacked up all the puppy dishes as I was just too tired to wash them. I stumbled to my computer and answered all my emails all the while thinking about how nice climbing back into bed would be. But alas - there is no napping allowed. I decided that I would force myself to put one foot in front of the other and keep plodding away. Instead of napping, I worked in the kitchen for over 2 hours cleaning dishes and organizing all the plastic containers. Instead of napping, I sorted all our mail and got my bills in order so I could pay them at the end of the week. I then remembered reading something about exercise being responsible for the rejuvenation of one's energy and so I put on my pedometer, cranked up my music and walked for 30 minutes. If I were the star of a great movie - where there is a happy ending and all is right with the world, I would tell you right now that my walk was fantastic! I felt ALIVE and raring to go. But woefully, my walk only made me more tired. I lumbered along looking pathetic the entire 30 minutes. I think even the dogs felt sorry for me. So now I still need to make a homemade strawberry pie, fold 6 loads of laundry, feed the puppies and think of something ultra creative for us humans to eat for dinner. And yes - I still really want to lie down and just close my eyes for 5 minutes. There really is only one thing left to do in a situation such as this.......ESPRESSO!!!! I think I better make mine a double!!!!!
Espresso works!!! With renewed energy I got everything done this evening! Laundry - Check! Puppies- Check! Homemade Strawberry Pie - Check! I even made Fresh Strawberry Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast for dinner. Espresso, you are my friend!

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