Monday, June 28, 2010

Firefly Dance

Last night the kids and I had the best time.  I had almost finished working and was just about to sit down when my son asked me if I wanted to go feed the fish with him and take a walk.  Not one to pass up an opportunity to spend time with my teenaged boy, I immediately and happily agreed.  It is always nice when I get a small reminder that yes - even though I yell at him to bring down his disgusting dirty baseball uniform so I can wash it - and then yell at him again - and then again - that yes - he does still find that I am fun to be with. We decided to bring Juneau and his favorite chocolate labradoodle puppy along with us.  Both puppies walked all the way to the pond without being carried and then made it all the way around the pond too!  The fish were super hungry last night so they were practically leaping out of the water to get the fish chow.  Every time one made a splash - Juneau seriously considered going fishing.  We had a couple close calls as Juneau was pretty darn sure she was a fishing doodle and was ready to go swimming after the fishies!  When we got back my daughter joined us outside with a couple more puppies.  As it got darker and darker our back yard was filled with fireflies. They were everywhere.  We have always loved fireflies.  I used to catch them as a kid and put them in a jar and of course my kids did the same and I am sure their kids and their grandkids will also follow in our footsteps.  Catching fireflies in the summer is just one of those summer traditions that never grows old. As we were enjoying our light show, one of the puppies became bound and determined to catch a firefly.  She would POUNCE on the grass then look under her paws, only to find nothing there.  She kept eyeing the firefly, pouncing, and had the most adorable bewildered look on her face as she kept missing and missing. I have never seen a firefly chasing puppy and the 3 of us were in tears watching her.  It was as cute as it was funny.  We spent a long time out with the pups and then decided to call it quits . We just got the pups back inside when MAN it started to RAIN.  I mean sheets and sheets of solid rain.  We lost our satellite signal it was raining that hard. It was so loud in the house it sounded like all the faucets were turned on full blast!  The kids ran outside to play in the rain and I had the best time watching them....from inside....where it is dry. I am a smart mommy.  I then went to the bathroom to fetch the shampoo bottle and threw it outside for them. Might as well make good use of the weather.  The two of them had a blast and it was one of those awesome soaking rains where you almost can't see anything.  We topped the evening off with .....homemade cherry pie. Awwwww perfect evening.  Oh and one more thing.... Dear Mr. Yesteryear Acres....... I worked ever so hard late last night and watered the entire garden for you. Love, your devoted wife.

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