Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Reading

Ahhhhhh! What a lovely weather day!  I am not sure where the humidity went but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay away!  Today has been just delightful. The second you walk outside it feels wonderful. The sun is shining brightly and everything is so fresh and clear and not a haze to be seen for miles.  The puppies are a MILLION times happier today.  We romped around outside for hours this morning.  Everyone was playing and running and having a blast.  Not a single puppy ran to escape the heat by hiding under the bushes as the day was just perfect.  This afternoon the older puppies and I walked back to the pond to play for a while. They had a blast and so did I.  I am trying to come up with a good excuse to sit by the pond and read for a while. These lovely summer days just make me want to have time to read a good book. I LOVE to read.  It is one of life's great pleasures and sadly I rarely have time to read.  I have to save my reading time for vacations.  My dad has a lovely cabin nestled in the woods right on a lake in Northern Michigan and I go up there every summer.  It is a perfect slice of heaven.  My favorite thing to do is to walk down to the dock, sit in my chair and read, read, read all day long.  I like to read one book per day.  I have to make up for all the time I never get to read during the year.  A perfect week at the cabin is sunshiney days, a cool breeze off the lake and book after book after book. I devour every book I have been wanting to read all year long. I am probably quite the boring companion but I am so busy all year long that I relish the quiet beauty of nature surrounding me while I read exciting tales from faraway lands. This summer, Mr. Yesteryear Acres is working on building a dock on our pond.  I am fairly certain he thinks the dock is for fishing but of course he couldn't be more wrong.  The dock will become the "Reading Dock" where one can go to find just the perfect chair, and perfect sun, and a perfect nice cool breeze with a page-turner of a great book.  I can't wait for the reading dock to be built.....after the bedroom.....after the farm chores......after the tractor is fixed.......after the garden is roto-tilled......after the hay is baled. *sigh*  I might have to go set up the perfect chair right next to the lumber that will someday become the reading dock. Perhaps the puppies really want story time!!! I am sure they have all been eagerly anticipating the new James Patterson book or have been dying to hear all about the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. Maybe tomorrow I can find a way to incorporate story hour into my day.  I can just hear the summer novels calling me!

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