Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I suppose I am a little behind the times in the fast food world.  We don't eat out often. It is a rare occasion for us to choose something besides a yummy homecooked meal as we are pretty dedicated to fixing something delicious each and every night. Fast food is just one of those things that we rarely consume. While granted - it is fast - and yes - it can be particularly tasty - it is also loaded with calories and fat and does nothing for the digestive tract. Nonetheless - today I stopped for a fast food lunch as I had been up since 4am  and wouldn't be home until well after noon and I had nothing in my stomach. So I pulled into an infamous drive-thru and ordered 3 tacos.  Yep. Three regular ole nothing special run of the mill ordinary tacos. Now at home when I make tacos - they are fabulous.  I make fresh guacamole, nacho cheese sauce, salsa from our garden - the works.  Taco night is SO good that we eat way more than we should.  My expectations were not so high that I thought someone would go to the trouble of making homemade guacamole BUT I did have a picture in my mind of a taco shell that had filling. When I opened my "taco" it had approximately one teaspoon of "meat", 4 pieces of cheese and 6-7 pieces of lettuce and absolutely no tomatoes or salsa whatsoever. Now before you go thinking that is an okay taco - let me be exact in my description. The 4 pieces of cheese were just that - 4 pieces of shredded cheese. As in cheese that has gone through a grater and the end result is tiny skinny matchstick pieces of cheese. Yes. I had 4 of the grated cheese pieces on my taco.  As for the lettuce - same deal. 6 pieces of grated lettuce.  My taco was 1/3 of the way full. Being the kind and understanding person I was - I thought perhaps that this taco was made in haste and just was missed somehow.  I had high hopes for taco number 2. I unwrapped my taco......hmmmm 3 pieces of grated cheese and I think something minuscule that should be lettuce. Wow.  Really?  I can't believe how pathetic my taco is.  It is then that I find out that if I wanted a taco that was mostly full and had taco toppings in it, well then, I should have ordered a Taco SUPREME. You see if you order a "taco" well that means that you get a taco shell BUT if you order a Taco SUPREME - well that comes with taco toppings like lettuce and tomato! WHOA! So I am guessing the brilliant masterminds of this particular restaurant had a board meeting one day and they thought - man we need to sell a SUPREME TACO.  And one guy came up with great ideas like guacamole, refried beans, salsa, larger portions and the top executives all said "Nahhhhhhhh - that is a horrible idea. I know let's sell a REGULAR taco and call it Supreme!!! YES YES YES!  And then we will call the pathetic empty shell a "taco! The people will love it!!!" Gee Fast Food Taco Restaurant, I never knew SUPREME meant "as expected"!!!!  I will definitely have to rewrite my vocabulary definitions.  I was under the impression that Supreme meant MARVELOUS, OUTSTANDING, EXTRAORDINARY!  When I would say "Honey you did a SUPREME job on that project!" I was thinking it was a nice compliment.  Now I know what I really was saying was "Honey, you did a most ordinary job on that project. That barely met my expectations. It was so mediocre I hardly noticed you did anything at all."  I apologize to any and all persons that I have mistakenly complimented by using the word Supreme.  I will take note of the new use of the word and use it accordingly. I just might take the time to write a note to a certain fast food taco restaurant and let them know that I think they did a Supreme job on my lunch.

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