Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Hard Working White Ghost

Once again today our summer worker/helper didn't show up. Sigh. We didn't even get the courtesy of a phone call to let us know that he wasn't coming. I am fairly certain that today's youth are quite familiar with a thing called a cell phone. I am literally one text, one call, one email, one facebook post away from being reachable. Is it that much to ask to at least be polite enough to notify your boss if you are not coming to work? I sometimes fear that I sound like the crotchety old "BACK IN MY DAY" type person but honestly BACK IN MY DAY - you showed up for work. Every day. And did what your were told. And could be counted on. You also worked really hard and didn't expect much in return. We have a lot of work to get accomplished this summer and have very high hopes for making serious progress. Thankfully Mr. Yesteryear Acres is the hardest worker I know and is putting his heart and soul into crossing each "To Do" thing off our list. Today he worked for 5 straight hours sanding our bedroom. When he emerged from the room - he was completely white from head to toe. Even the canals of his ears were white. If he were to close his eyes and stand in front of a white sheet - he would have been completely invisible. Mr. Yesteryear Acres - the great white ghost. I have never loved a ghost more. Our bedroom is getting closer and closer to getting the primer coat on the walls! Oh I cannot wait! It is what I am looking forward to more than anything. While Mr. Yesteryear Acres sanded and sanded and then sanded some more, I took care of all the puppies and held down the fort. All the puppies got their toenails trimmed today and a couple got "sanitary trims" which means I trimmed the hair under their tails. I find that puppies are much more lovable when their outdoor "business" stays outdoors and doesn't come back in stuck to the long hair under their tails. I have yet to find someone who thinks differently. I have to say I did an excellent job today and I will absolutely NOT admit that the reason I did such a great job was because I wore my reading glasses while trimming. If I were to admit that - it would mean that I actually can barely see the little puppy toenails without my glasses. It would mean that while holding out their paws, I just see a mass blurry furry thing and the second I put on my glasses MAGICALLY 5 little claws appear. I will just say that I look particularly nice in glasses and wanted to look my best for the puppies. I am sure that is why the puppies were extra appreciative today. Tonight will be a late night for Mr. Yesteryear Acres as he has all the outdoor farm chores to do without help. I might have to call him and remind him that I have a delicious fresh strawberry pie waiting inside for him when he is all done. That just might be the motivation he needs to keep on whistling while he works. Perhaps I should serve a big scoop of vanilla ice cream along with the pie. He definitely deserves it!

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