Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweet Smelling Hay

Today was a full day with non-stop work.  I woke up early and immediately got started on my to-do lists and didn't get a break in all day long. Mr. Yesteryear Acres worked around the clock as did both my son and daughter.  We had lots to get done.  The big news is....the hay is done! YEA!  That is always the best feeling when all the hay has been baled and is finished.  We had a huge bumper crop of hay this year and got enough hay for the entire year in just one cutting.  All the hay bales are lined up and they look awesome. They make for a beautiful countryside pictorial setting. When you walk by them you can't help but smile and Oh my gosh the hay smells soooooooo good.  Really!  It has a fragrant sweet smell that almost makes my mouth water it smells that good.  The hay has a slight hint of bananas and honey aroma with an earthy deep grassy fragrance that just smells like the countryside with all its goodness.  I wish I could add the aroma of our hay to this blog as an attachment.  I would make this part a scratch and sniff and everyone would say "ahhhhhhhh".  Besides the hay, today was a busy puppy day.  All 12 of Ariel's puppies got the treatment today.  They all got their nails clipped and new collars. They also spent a lot of time outside today with my daughter and I playing in the grass.  They are learning that the big green world outside is actually a lot of fun.  A few of them took to romping around and checking things out but most of them ended up crawling in our laps in big puppy piles of love. They were super sweet. Autumn's puppies also got their nails clipped.  Each puppy has 5 claws on each front paw and 4 claws on each back paw so altogether there are18 toenails to trim for each puppy. If you add both Ariel's puppies and Autumn's puppies together - I trimmed 378 puppy claws today. Whew!  All of Ariel's puppies are eating solid food now so they should really start to grow this week.  Autumn's puppies are getting ready for their big weekend as they start to leave for their new homes.  Tomorrow I need to make puppy care packages for Autumn's puppies. Of course one package just might be missing.  The one that belongs to Juneau!  I am pretty sure that Mr. Yesteryear Acres loves her too! Yea!

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