Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wildlife Day

Today was wildlife day.  We saw more cute adorable wildlife creatures today and I figured it deserved an official title.  The day started off with 2 raccoons crossing the road.  And they were BIG raccoons.  They must be eating Manwich meals or something because they were almost the size of small dogs!  Then later today a beautiful big white crane visited our pond and although that sounds lovely, he is in fact an unwelcome visitor.  He is just about the best fisherman ever.  Better than I am.  Better than Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  We ended up taking our game warden with us to chase off Mr. White Crane.  Our game warden never fails us.  She has beautiful amber eyes, four legs, a happy wagging tail and is a lovely chocolate color.  Her name is Trudy and she has worked very hard to obtain her game warden title.  I think the crane got the message that our pond is indeed a NO FISHING ZONE. He flew off in search of a new fishing pond. On our way back we saw the cutest little bunny rabbit.  It was so close we could almost reach out and touch it.  Even our game warden thought the bunny was cute and let it be.  We did suggest that it head back to the woods and it took our suggestion. Once we were home we had a real live animal hospital situation when a bird flew into one of our windows and was knocked unconscious.  My daughter immediately sprang to its rescue.  The birdy was a vireo and we were frightened it wouldn't make it but with some loving TLC from my daughter, it came back to life.  We even got a movie of the birdy and I can tell you my daughter was SOOOO happy that the birdy lived. She really took it to heart and it just made her day when an hour later the birdy flew off happily. He even waited to thank her before he flew away. We also saw 2 pileated woodpeckers and a wild turkey. I was beginning to wonder if we had added an aviary to our woods. It was a great birding day!  We had quite a display with 2 male cardinals wrestling for a good 10 minutes to see who was the top bird along with barn swallows and a mommy killdeer and her babies. To top off our wildlife day we were visited by a mommy deer and two of the cutest little baby deer ever. They were SOOO small.  Of course they still were covered in spots which made them even cuter and the twin babies just followed their mommy everywhere. I am pretty sure the deer family was thinking just how delicious apples off the apple tree would  be - but if you saw how adorable they were - you would gladly give them your apples.  The babies weren't much bigger than the size of 16 week old puppies and they were just so cute they made everyone immediately stop what they were doing and say "awwwwwwwwww".  I can't wait for them to visit us again.  So June 22nd 2010 is now officially known as wildlife day. Thank you little animals for visiting us and making our day.  We loved having you!!!!!!

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