Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

I had the nicest telephone call earlier from a father whose daughter is getting one of our donated puppies. He was almost in tears as he told me how much happiness our little puppy will bring to his daughter's life. I had a hard time not crying on the phone listening to him tell me how much a puppy means to him, to his daughter and to his grandson. I am donating one of our sweet little chocolate puppies and will be delivering their puppy to them on my way to the Coast Guard Academy in July. The grandson is autistic and non-verbal. His mom cares for him all by herself as the marriage did not survive raising a special needs child. They have wanted a puppy for so long and the mom is a huge doggie lover. This week her son has been practicing the sign for "dog" and is doing really well. He is also getting really close to saying the word "Bo" which will be the puppy's name. The father told me he almost stopped believing in random acts of kindness but his faith has been renewed. I feel lucky to be able to bring such happiness to another family. Giving back feels amazing. It renews your soul and brings meaning to your life. I think everyone should try to give back just a little. Even small acts of kindness can go a long way towards making the world a happier place. Just the other day while we were picking strawberries, my son spent his own money to buy his sister and I some cold water. When he pulled out his money to pay for the water, he dropped his $5.00 bill on the ground without noticing. After he walked all the way back to the patch and gave us the water he realized he lost his money. When he returned to the farm stand and asked the farmer if anyone saw his money, the farmer had the $5.00 bill for my son. Someone found it and turned it in! How nice is that?! I was really touched. My son had worked so hard for that money and I was so appreciative that someone was kind enough to turn in the lost money. Random acts of kindness DO still exist. I truly believe that no matter which side of the kindness you are on - the one who provides the act of kindness or the one that receives the act of kindness, your heart will be filled to the rim just the same. Spread some joy. Help a neighbor out. Give a hungry child a big hot meal. Offer to run an errand for someone who is overburdened. Help load groceries into an elderly person's car. It just feels good to do good. And please don't forget, if you know of anyone who has gone through some rough times, has served our country or has a child with special needs, and maybe just maybe, life would be changed for the better by adding a four legged furry family member to their home, please have them email me. I would still like to help spread some cheer with a few more donated puppies.

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  1. What a uplifting post. Thank you for writing about it.
    I too think small acts of kindness go a long way. My 7 year old son received a target gift card for his birthday. He was so excited about spending it and being able to pick out his gift. He insisted on carrying it himself and I wanted him to learn responsibility. Long stort short when it can time to pay his pockets were empty and he was devastated. A small act of kindess some good hearted person turned it into costumer service. I have no idea who did it but we were so grateful.


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