Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kitchen Day

Today's completely stormed-filled day did not go unnoticed by me. I did perhaps think that I was too overzealous with my Cloud Appreciation tribute yesterday as the skies opened up and dumped gallons upon gallons of rain. Everything here is soaked. The yard looks like a lake site, our stepping stones to the driveway are submerged and the smell of very wet dog lingers in the house. Yes Mr. Clouds you showed your awesome power today. Maybe tomorrow you could SHARE the day with Mr. Sun. I think that would be awfully thoughtful of you and most appreciated by us. Just a wee bit of drying out would be lovely. When the forecast is that dreary - there is just one thing to do - bake! My daughter and I spent the afternoon in the kitchen and cooked up some delightful treats. We processed and sliced 2 pecks of strawberries and made a beautiful fresh strawberry pie. My daughter even took photos of our masterpiece - it was just that perfect. While we sliced quart after quart of strawberries, we did have a little entertainment to keep the fun going. We put the movie "New Moon" in the DVD player and it was just right for the day's activities. The movie was not too cheesy and was just interesting enough so that we could still keep working and not miss anything nor was it too engrossing so that all our fingers were still intact with no lacerations. We invited a puppy to keep us company in the kitchen the whole time and I believe he really liked the wolf parts. He seemed to be quite enthralled with all the doggie scenes. After we finished the strawberries we did manage to get to the arboretum for our workout. My daughter ran while I walked which brought week THREE of my exercise routine to a close. I have been ever so faithful to my walking and am quite proud of myself. The more I do it, the more compulsive I become in making sure I get my days in for the week. It is a very good thing. When we returned home from working out - more cooking was in order. We made twice baked potatoes, marinated butterfly pork chops and fresh sweet corn. The meal was fantastic and we are all now waiting to recover from eating too much so that we can thoroughly enjoy the strawberry pie for dessert. I think we are calling it a night early and are going to have the puppies join us in the living room as we catch up on a few episodes of NCIS. Pajama Time!!!

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