Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Today was a particularly joyous day as Yesteryear Acres now has a new worker for the summer! YEA!  I am beyond happy.  Our last "worker" just stopped showing up.  Didn't call.  Didn't write or text or email or facebook or any normal polite means of communication to let us know he was quitting.  He just stopped coming.  Nice right? This was of course after I had fed him at least 2 homecooked meals a day, every day for over a month. I guess you never know about some people.  Anyway - my son asked one of his friends if he would like to work here and his friend said yes.  He is a super nice boy and I actually think he was as excited about working here as we were to have him.  He loves dogs and puppies and thought that having a job that entailed taking puppies on walks and playing with them outside and taking care of dogs was about the best job on the planet.  I love people like that.  I mean it is a TON of work here but the unconditional love you get from the doggies and puppies just makes your heart feel good. I let him know that the poop gets cleaned up ALL the time and the job is endless because the second you get everything all clean and tidy - well it is time to start again. He was not at all deterred and did all the chores quickly and efficiently. The dogs just loved him.  Dogs are a most excellent judge of character and all our doggies took to him right away.  Even my little toy poodle (who honestly is a bit persnickety) loved him. My son worked really well with our new hired help and his day improved dramatically by having a friend to work with.  The timing couldn't be better as I am leaving to take my younger daughter to the Coast Guard Academy this weekend so the extra help is really awesome. Our new help said he might work during the school year as well. Wow! Both he and my son will be starting 8th grade in the fall - so this could be a nice long term job for him. I am super happy about the whole thing. Mr. Yesteryear Acres can now, maybe, just MAYBE, have some free time to get working on the bedroom upstairs.  I see hope!!! I see a light at the end of the tunnel!! I see the possibility that moving back into our bedroom MIGHT JUST HAPPEN after all!  Happy Days!!!

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