Friday, June 11, 2010

True Love

Today was a day for the THREE AMIGOS... my mom, my daughter and I. We haven't had time to hang out together since Spring Break so it was most definitely overdue and so much fun. We started the afternoon with power shopping. We tried on tons and tons of clothes which although looked fabulous on the hangers - did not translate well on real humans. We had a couple of very big laughs at some of the outfits. I was in search of some longer T-shirts and sadly could not find a single one. My daughter had much better luck as she is completely adorable and everything looks cute on her. My mom and I both decided to live vicariously through her and had fun seeing all the cute things she came up with. After my daughter found the cutest summer dress we found ourselves in the purse section of the department store and spent a good portion of time looking for that "must-have" summer purse. So many choices! So much fun! Purses always seem to fit just right. The hard part is choosing which one you love the most. I wouldn't say we were shopped out - as that could never happen - but we did end our power shopping early so we could go see the movie "Letters to Juliet." My daughter just loves romance movies and while I would have preferred to see Russell Crowe as Robin Hood - I couldn't deny the pathetically cute faces that both my mom and daughter gave me when they said that they HAD to see Letters to Juliet. I am not sure what the reviews are for the movie - but I have to admit.....I liked it. It was really cute and who doesn't love a story about TRUE LOVE? The movie takes place in Italy so if you have ever wanted to see the countryside of Verona, Italy AND watch a movie about true love, you will definitely enjoy it. My daughter, my mom, and I smiled the whole time. That is 2 solid hours of grinning - so 2 big thumbs up for that! After the movie we went out to grab a bite to eat and chatted and laughed and talked about True Love. We are lucky because True Love is all around us. I have just the very bestest most loving family and of course, I found my true love! Speaking of True Love, Mr. Yesteryear Acres did an awesome job of caring for the puppies so that my daughter and I could have a day out. As a bonus, the puppies ate all their dinner tonight. That is awesome because a couple of the puppies still weren't too sure if they liked doggie food. They still liked their mommy over solid food so I am happy they are all eating well. I am sure mommy dog is too! I am looking forward to seeing my clean platers tomorrow morning.

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