Saturday, June 12, 2010

Whole New World

WOW! My son is home from his amazing week at the Naval Academy. The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) program was outstanding. My son learned more during his one week at the Naval Academy than he did in an entire school year. He probably had more hands on experiences in one week than he will his entire time in high school. He came home full of stories about all his accomplishments. When I picked him up at the airport not only did he look taller but he looked like he had matured as well. He was pretty excited about his adventures at the Academy. He liked being surrounded by other smart determined students and loved being challenged by his professors. The chemistry labs, biometric labs and systems engineering classrooms were of great interest to him. He loved every minute. He admitted he had so much fun, he wasn't quite ready to go home and wished he could stay just a little longer. He said that every day was filled with new things to learn and he was too busy and too happy to have time to think of home. His week at the STEM program has made him even more determined to attend the Naval Academy. I am so happy for him. How awesome to be able to find something you love and have your goals set in place at the age of 13. Some people spend years figuring out their passion in life, some never find it. I am not sure how we got so lucky that our children have already found theirs. My older daughter is passionate about graduating from the Naval Academy and serving her country. My younger daughter is really looking forward to participating in the AIM program this summer at the Coast Guard Academy and with any luck, she will be one step closer to being admitted. My son is full of new ideas, new experiences, new goals and a whole new world of technological and engineering career paths to pursue. It is every parent's dream to see that spark in their children's' eyes. That spark that says "I will". I see that spark in my children's eyes and I know without a doubt they will follow their dreams and go on to do amazing things. Tonight we are hanging out all together and happily listening to all the incredible things my son learned while he was away. My son is in the middle of the living room floor totally surrounded by all his doggies and he is filled with hopes and dreams of the future. My deepest thanks to the Naval Academy and the STEM program for making my son's dreams a reality.

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