Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Home For Puppy

Nutmeg's new family came right on time this morning. I love it when puppies meet their new owners and it is love at first sight. Nutmeg loved her new mommy the second she met her and Nutmeg's new mommy loved her right back. Nutmeg's new name is now "Annie". Annie's new mommy was so happy because she just loved Annie's coloring and had always wanted a doggie that color. Annie acted as though she knew the morning was all about her and followed her new mommy everywhere she went. I gave Annie one last big good-bye hug before she left and Annie looked at me with a big smile. She knew she was going to be loved forever and ever. I am so happy for Annie. She is going to have a wonderful life. Annie and her new family have to drive all the way back to Wisconsin today. I hope the weather holds out for them. The forecast is just dreary. Hot, Steamy, Muggy, and Humid. And don't forget rain. Lots and lots of rain. Our yard is getting rather soupy. Our hay is ready to be cut and baled but it is just too wet to even think about getting that done. This morning when I walked back to the pond, all the hay was completely lying down flat. Poor wet hay. I checked on our garden and everything is coming up nicely despite the fact it looks as though we are growing our vegetables in a hydroponic facility. One of our standing jokes around here is that whenever it rains, I always tell Mr. Yesteryear Acres that I have been hard at work watering the garden for him. This morning I let him know that last night I watered all 110 tomato plants for him and he said I was overwatering them and I could stop. I guess the consensus is unanimous. The hot sticky wet weather of June can please move on. The doggies and vegetables and horses and humans would all be quite grateful for a bit of drier less moist weather. Until then, guess I better put my galoshes on before I go outside to get my workout in....and maybe I better bring along a snorkel as well. From the looks of things outside, I just might need it!

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